: #SexDilly β€” Celibacy x Saturday Rounds At The $trip Club

The last thing I remember was commenting on how dinner was wrongly plated but that was fucking insensitive of me considering he had spent the entire week literally pandering to all of my interests that range from fixing me my exact latenight cravings, to the unreasonable ones, the “pass-me-the-remote-while-we-both-under-the-duvet-kind”… Which he still does anyway, but grudgingly.
Naturally I’m easy going, (this too, is arguable lol) ok, most times I’m easy going..but this time, according to Jadesola, I was “deflecting”.. But my paranoia was valid.. At least to me. If I wasn’t fucking my man, you know, post-celibacy-decision, why was he THIS ok, this happy? Not like I expect him to walk around with his Afro high and his self esteem by the hem, I needed to know he wasn’t motherfucking getting it OUTSIDE, or, SO. HELP. ME. GOD!! So yeah, maybe I was “deflecting”, hence my dissatisfaction with his every effort.

I’ll bring you up to speed..

Friday nights are for him & the guys exclusively and I respect that, I encourage that & I don’t interfere. If they’re all out? No pressures, no calls… If they are all at ours, I do the cooking.. & Saturday nights are open. But usually It’s eitherthe spa or whatever else..but we must to do it together. It’s been law since the last 3yrs.. 

So, it’s the second Saturday in June, exactly 4 months since we last had sex.. And you know, sometimes I still stop to relive the last time. Ohhhh lord! The way he rammed my pussy while I was in “the-face-down-ass-up-and-in-the-not-even-trying-to-look-cute-position” & I was at the brink of death by them life changing inches…I knew I couldn’t call on God to save me, I just leaned all my weight into my neck and tore my ass open with both hands so he could hit on target … I know they say men cheat, but if Tega ever cheated on me, sex would have nothing to do with it… Because rather than cheat? Take a hall pass & if she’s good? send her to me.. Of which half the time, his best choice for a “hall pass” is my “Mad Max”. Just plain boring for female to female… 

But you know what?

Towards the 4th month, I noticed he would get horny a lot!!! & unlike the previous months where I’d turn him down & he’d literally do everything to hint his dissatisfaction.. like the last one, the one where he changed my phone’s homescreen while I was in the shower. Only to get to work, pull out my phone from my purse and see a picture of his dick with the Snapchat caption “it needs loving too 😩” I almost fainted. 😭😭 no matter how much we disagreed, there was never a day I would have been ok being without him.. I loved him. So I COULD NOT MOTHER FUCKING BEAR THE THOUGHT THAT THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE.

Rewind…. It’s the second Saturday in June & I suggested this strip club. We’ve been there at least twice, very lowkey place. I just wanted to relax with him, look at graceful naked women pole dancing & just appreciate Contemporary Art. But I was going to be a bit late.. I had brought home office work that was due next day, so the plan was that  Tega & I would leave home together but he’d drop me off at my Aunt’s home so I could volley ideas with her & then later, meet him up at the club say, 11pm..ChalΓ¨! he was looking soo good & I was so fucking tempted to ask him to pull over and fuck me while I’m on all fours in the backseat. But bruhh, if I broke it now, being me, it’d be so much harder to ever stay the entire celibacy course…plus he said I couldn’t stay as long as a year.. So part of it was proving him wrong.. 

11:54pm, my taxi parks by the club, no second calls through to Tega, I make my way through the long aisle, security checks, flat screens with live porn streaming  & round tables of rich pervs, I get close and I catch my man… Well, being a good man (lol you wish I said cheating? 😭)… I settle in beside Tega, light a cigarette & turn off my cellphone blowing smoke & accidentally locking eyes with this fine ass chic scarcely covered in her black lace lingerie, velvet arm straps & the cutest garter gripping her thick thighs. I could see her nipples, both pierced, peeking through the sheer fabric I could see the finely trimmed Mohawk down south.. She was effortlessly classy & I love that she wore her hair in a pony tail… her matte gray nails? Peng as well… Far as I could count, she was the baddest bitch here & I wanted her grinding slowly on Tega while I circle my index finger faintly around her right nipple.. Maybe even reach for her inner thighs while getting better acquainted.
She came over…& that’s where this story really begins… 

She was cultured, asking if she could give me a lap dance… In my head I’m like… (Well damn! Why the fuck not?) but I play down the excitement & ask why not start with my friend since we’re both interested? πŸ˜‰… She looks at Tega & Tega looks at me & mouths “I love you V”…so  I’m focused on all the other bad bitches here so my man can feel some semblance of freedom… My side eye still keeping him in check.. Lol ( of cos I’m petty πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ)

Fam…. I will not tell you lies, THIS GIRL WAS MONICA DELILAH!!!!! The daughter of the fucking DEVIL!!!! A living breathing representation of SEDUCTION, I mean she was “the-undermine-my-ability-to -snatch-your-man-even-in-a-turtle-neck-and-watch-me-break-your-pride” type of bad bitch.. normally, you’d think that a stripper would just sit on his lap, make my man hard, collect her money and scram like all the other average lap dances we had witnessed…no no no… Babe held my man’s chair and did a FULLLLLL spilt across the armless chair one leg laying across my thighs… Grinding super slowly on Tega occasionally switching up the pace… My mannnnn was dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he was gazing into nothingness so he wouldn’t give me a reason to stab him in his sleep like I’ve countlessly threatened to. But on the contrary, i was genuinely ok with him having a nice time…

She slid her hands into his shirt and went for my man’s nipples… I knew at this time that Tega was stretched thin lmao.. That’s the most sensitive part of his body! He was trying to be a “G” about it but i was mentally counting till 10 before he loses it completely… I was at 7 when he grabbed her ass with his out of control look, like he was dejuicing it… Shit was turning me the fuck on!!! She asked him to undo her bra and here I was looking at my man act all naive & decent… In my head I’m like; 

“Oga will you stop acting like I told you not to eat when they share food outside πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚show this girl that this is your calling bruhhhhh!”

He grabbed her boobs & squeezed them… & I’m like “Yeahhhhhhh!!! that’s my man”….. & then he’s rubbing her pussy through her g-string & I was almost getting a bit jealous.. But after all said and done, Guess who was gonna go home with my man? ME!  he was all mine… So we was good.. Uno…. Then Monica Delilah motherfucking kissed my man!!!! We were all in shock FAM!!! I was was trying to be CALLLLLLM… Uno, keep it classy and not lose it in front of these many people.. but I’m a horrible actor.  I realllllllllly was about to act cunt to my true limits & it never ever ends well… Tega sensed it so he paid & we left..

So I’m thinking all through our quiet drive time home… Do I fuck him, do I not……& we get home… Few seconds after the closed door, I’m squating on 6inch heels sucking his dick occasionally reaching for his balls..& sucking the entire motherfucking area… I look at him and he’s grinning… He knows I’m upset & “sex” would be intense… We climbing the stairs and I let him heel me over and tap off his dick on my ass… He slides two fingers in my pussy and I’m fucking wet.

We make it up to the room & he slides me out of the thong, I tear both legs open & he taps off his dick on my clit..i pull him closer stroking his dick while I’m Kissing him… Fuck the entire four months daddy dip it in 😩😩😩😩😩

He buries his head in my pussy & licks while rubbing my clit with his left thumb…& sucking hard on it…glazing over the exterior & really going for the insides…I’m pulling his fro’ and cradling his head so he goes deeper while I’m moaning slightly louder than a whisper….

It felt like fucking my man for the first time…I didn’t want to rush it….& I wanted to try everything… I got on top squating over his dick…circling it against the inner region..but without totally guiding it in…. Just Seeing him lose it to how wet I was, was life changing 😭😭😭😭 he moaned my name into my ears “V baby fuck me please” ….I rode back and forth the entire length of his dick grinding on it, zero penetration , taping saliva from his mouth & rubbing my clit with it until I squirt…..at that point I felt selfish, I honestly didn’t care if he was still hard.. I wasn’t fucking him 😩… Sunday’s will always be for forgiveness & love.
Photo credit – Witchy C